Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I'm a Dog! And I love it!

Wow! What a book! Very unusual, and surprising! You'll never guess how it ends! Melvin Burgess is my hero this summer. Go to his website, and read what he says about teenagers, teenage boys in particular, and writing books they like to read. Mr. Burgess is married and a father of three children, and he writes books that offend some people. He dares to write about things that really happen in the lives of teenagers in Britain (and here), things some people would rather we just don't talk about. Is he a responsible writer? That is, one who cares about the effects his books have on young people? Yes. Because he shows life as it is and lets the consequences of kids' choices work themselves out realistically.
Lady: My Life as a Bitch is different from the other MB's I've read in not being entirely realistic. It's psychologically very true to life, but in actual life people don't ACTUALLY turn into dogs. But in a novel, a girl can very easily have in her head and heart the thoughts and feelings of a real girl AND those of a dog. (Insofar as we can imagine being inside a dog, but that's a digression..... )
I found it a bit long in the middle, but read it! Stick it out to the end, and you'll be surprised and maybe delighted. I think Ursula LeGuin would like this book. Maybe Zack can suggest it to her....

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