Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Great Book Recs for Children and Teens

I discovered a truly fine resource for book recommendations for children's and teens' books. It's at the Guardian, On the left are links to various departments, and you will find treasures there. There are old and new favorites, from P.L. Travers to Pullman, and several I didn't know about. And they're not stodgy lists, either, not the sort that assume twelve year olds will necessarily be enthralled and enriched by Silas Marner and Emerson's Essays. Some of the books are light hearted; all are sure to be well-written and unique.And the lists give a variety of types, too, for differing tastes, which young people have as pronouncedly as adult readers. there's suspense, domestic tales, science fiction, and lots of good realistic fiction )(NOT problem novels, just excellent stories, well told), from both sides of the Pond. there is a British slant, which is good to see from our side. Most of the current reviewing I see in the US slights UK books, unless they're major prize winners. Add to that the fact that the Carnegie awards include books by Americans, since it covers books written in English as long as they're published in the UK, where the Newbery winners are all American.

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