Wednesday, April 4, 2007

I'm getting messages in my brain

In M. T. Anderson's Feed, people's brains are fitted with an implant that feeds pop and consumer culture to them all day long, and people shop just to be shopping. Sound familiar? It could almost be now but instead is an imagined future, where teens party on the moon for spring break, and all anyone cares about is what's new. For Titus, a thoughtful boy, meeting a girl, Violet, who has never had the feed causes him to question the conditions of his life. Violet cares about things that others don't even think about. Titus's efforts to be her friend and include her in his social group are encouraging but in the end frustrating. A quick read, with refreshing new slang, this novel should make people think hard about what influences us today, in our own consumer culture. Recommended for teens and up.

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